It is my very most inner belief that what drives today's modern baristas is the very most outstanding and extraordinary spirit, and that it is with this spirit that we are able to demonstrate and express to the world our dedication, responsibility, discipline, sacrifice, level of commitment and overall passion towards our craft and the community that it creates.  Being as transparent and as honest as possible, we, the barista, take pride in hand-delivering our entire artform to each of our guests one-by-one, day-by-day.  Unlike a painting or a song which can be enjoyed by the masses for lifetimes to come, our art is a moment in time like a firework in the sky.  The bond between fellow baristi is not unlike the love between brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers, and teachers and students, all seeking pleasure in a cup, unforgettable at last.  A chase after the uncatchable, the trip down the rabbit hole, a never ending tale of finding the perfect coffee, or what we think is perfect for that matter, only to find something much much better - ourselves and eachother.  Its times like at camp pull-a-shot when you find yourself truly a part of a fellowship, all reaching towards the same goal, helping eachother along the way.  Times like the USBC - where individuals elevate themselves to their very best.  The barista is one of the very best demonstrations of character.  It is a code of life, a standard of quality, a state of independence, an uncompromising level of greatness and happiness, all totally involved within community, and all in totally sustainable fashion.  A life full of love and of wonder, each day, every day.

The modern barista

Modern Barista