I have for you here multiple ways of looking further into who I am and what I do. ~Enjoy
Vision, Purpose, Mission, Means
The experience.  The journey.  The moments in life that we never forget.  The sharing of vibrations with those around you.  Accomplishing and overcoming obstacles with like-minded individuals, leading the way of revolution.  Loving and living with one another.  I believe in these things.  I believe in being a part of all these things.  I want for us all to share and to be a part of a beautiful world.  There are individuals in this world that are born with purpose, and great ability - it's the discovery of that element within one's self that I believe is very important for us all to realize, manifest and to be happy with.  I want to help lead and empower the world, as well as be empowered and to be led to greater ways of life.  To be and create a part of the solution, not the problem.  This is my vision for us all.I am an artist.  I am an individual who's focus in life right now is to create a gift for the world.  I believe art (music in particular) plays a magical part in all our lives, and to bring a moment of joy to someone's life through what I strive so long and hard to create is what I believe to be my true purpose in life.  I want to be happy while I do what I do, as well as with what I do.  I want to please my family and make them proud, because I love them.  I want to create happiness for myself and others.  I want to be sustainable and content throughout my life, no matter how many goals I may want to further accomplish.  I want to be happy with life and I want others to be happy with me.  This is my purpose.It is my current mission in life to realize my ability, and I believe in doing so with all my heart.  I believe art (music) is a powerful tool in leadership - and I am putting every drop of talent, practice and discipline inside me on the line in order to use that tool for the greater good.  I want to publish my music to the public within 5 years time.  I want to take this upcoming span of time in my life to turn a dream into a reality, so that I may inspire others to find their purpose and to live a greater life.  I want people to hear my music and to be moved by it, and I want for this to happen hopefully by the time I am thirty.  This is my mission.Starving artists are not nicknamed as such for no reason.  Most times, there is a small slice of madness to every genius, such is the nature of the beast, and it is my belief that such madness may very well be the cause to the slogan so commonly attached to individuals like myself.  However, it is the strict discipline applied through several different facets including physical and mental exercises, emotional support like journaling, spending time with family and interpersonal relationships, and of course, an inspiring job like at (dream job) that can keep what small slice of madness I may have in me at bay, allowing me to keep a very real and focused perspective on my mission.  The reality of failure at my mission is something I will have prepared myself for and will be ready to move on from, perhaps towards realizing a goal more feasible using the funds I will have strictly saved during my employment term at (dream job).  I plan on saving up and being monetarily conservative (I already own every piece of studio equipment I would need in order to prepare a demo for a record label company) in order to change my mission objective should I not succeed at my current mission within the five year goal.  These are my means.
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